Apply to the ImpactBase Incubator & we’ll help you find, launch and grow your business from concept to the next big thing.

Due to Coronavirus, the April 2020 intake has been postponed. You can continue submitting applications for the next intake.

The Offer 

Pre-Seed Investment

Up to £20,000 of pre-seed investment

Entrepreneur Program

Formal learning + ongoing support and coaching  

Access to Investors

Access to investors to fund your Seed and Series A round of funding

We are a brand new pre-seed business incubator.

That means we help people like you find, launch and grow your idea into a business at the very earliest stage of its life (pre-seed).

We provide investment, coaching and support to help you create what’s called a minimum viable product/service (MVP).

We’ll then help you test and prove there is a national or global market for your business using the MVP. This is called proving product-market fit.

Once you have product-market fit, your business will be ready for seed investment from investors and we’ll connect you with, and help you secure investment from them.

You can apply to ImpactBase with your existing business or concept, or you can apply without one and we will help you find and launch your idea. 

Apply one of 2 ways:

Founder Entry

Founder Entry is for applicants that want to turbo-charge their existing business or concept into the next big thing

Pathfinder Entry

Pathfinder Entry is for applicants that want to find and launch a business to change the world but do not yet have a concept or business

apply if You ARE

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Ambitious
  • Humble
  • Resilient 
  • Smart
  • Hard working
  • Want to 10x your results

We strongly encourage people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to apply



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