MEDIA co-founder

Fully Funded New Media Business, Looking for a Passionate Co-Founder

–Opportunity Now Closed–


We’re launching a new online media company in the developing world using online distribution channels for target audiences in Europe, North America and Australia. 


We’re the business support and the money. You’re the person who gets things done with enthusiasm and determination no matter the situation. 

You are an entertainer with an eye for graphics, audio visual production and sales. You combine your panache at entertaining with high levels of tech fluency. You see business opportunities everywhere and have a burning desire to reach your potential. 


The opportunity involves building a brand producing a very niche form of video and audio content. You’ll generate income through a combination of sponsorship, advertising and subscriptions. We’ll help you to develop the brand, audio visual skills, fundraising skills and give you the niche. You’ll build a team as you grow and secure key partnerships to make the business scale.

In return you’ll receive a large percentage of the business and be named a co-founder.


  • You must be at least 18 and live in, and be from, a developing country
  • Want to build a business
  • Have access to high quality internet


If that’s you, Apply below by attaching:

  1. Your CV; and 
  2. A cover letter of less than one page describing how your achievements, skills and experience relevant for this opportunity.

Confidentiality of applications is guaranteed – we will not contact references or workplaces without asking you.   

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