We’re now excited to ANNOUNCE 3x Seed Funding opportunities. They are a hybrid Pathfinder-Founder approach where you can apply to be a co-founder directly with us.

Despite large numbers of applications, we had to suspend the April Pre-Seed program due to Coronavirus. Ever since, we have been trying to decide how to keep building businesses during the lockdown.

We’ve chosen three business models we’ve been desperate to get started for a long time, yet are perfect to start building while the world is in lockdown. 

The successful applicants will partner directly with ImpactBase to build the businesses. ImpactBase will provide all the investment and the same support [remotely] that would have been offered in the Pre-Seed Program, but without the £20k investment cap.

We have deliberately made the application process quick, so check out the three opportunities available and apply to any that match you. 

Seed Funding Round

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