Founder Entry is for applicants that already have a business or concept and want the ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program to turbo-charge their growth

Pathfinder Entry is for applicants that want to find and launch a business to change the world but do not yet have a business or concept to do it. 

Pre-Seed Investment

Up to £20,000 of pre-seed investment provided by ImpactBase

Entrepreneur Learning

Formal learning to become a CEO, build a sales system and generate income

Access to Investors

Access to investors to fund your Seed and Series A round of funding


Expert Coaching

Coaching and support from experienced entrepreneurs


An office and workspace for you during the program


Administrative Support

Company establishment, accounting and legal

What is the Pre-Seed Program?

The ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program is an intense 3 month program of business building. You’ll attend formal learning on subjects like Branding, Strategy and Product Testing; spend lots of time building your business in an exciting environment where others are doing the same; and you will receive one-on-one coaching from experienced entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the Pre-Seed Program is to take a business from concept to having a minimum viable product (MVP) that has been tested to have product-market fit. This then becomes a business investors are interested in, and we’ll introduce you to them.

The learning program is delivered flexibly so people that have other work, education or family commitments can attend. Pre-seed investment is about providing an idea so at this stage we understand if you are not working full time in the business.  

Founder & Pathfinder difference

Pathfinder Entrants go through the same Pre-Seed Program as the Founder Entrants, but Pathfinders are given extra resources and support to identify their business.

Pathfinder Entry is for people who want to solve some of the UK’s biggest problems but don’t know how. ImpactBase wants Pathfinder Entrants who are interested in challenges such as (but not limited to):

  • Tackling climate change and environmental degradation 
  • Solving the obesity epidemic
  • Turning the tide on mental health
  • Reversing community and high street decline
  • Reducing the environmental and health impacts of global meat consumption
  • Tackling social immobility and the gap between rich and poor on an industrial scale 

If this sounds like you, then we’ll help you start a business that has potential to change the world.


The ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program runs for 3 months, with extensions available for 6 months in special circumstances. At the end of the program you will have built your MVP and tested it to show the market demand for it. You’ll then be ready to pitch it to investors and we’ll be there to help you do that too, including by making introductions.

Formal Learning

In the ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program, you will learn and get support to:

Develop a MVP

Test product-market fit

Become a CEO

Pitch to investors


Grow effective teams

Optimise branding & marketing

Build a sales process

10X your productivity