The UK has one of 

the highest levels of income inequality in the developed world. There is a direct correlation between income equality and social mobility. That means that in the UK your chances of becoming a high earner if you grew up in a lower socio-economic family, are much lower than in other developed countries. 

This is obviously a tragic social issue with many causes and many solutions. 

ImpactBase cares about social immobility because it is such a wasted opportunity. 

There are smart, talented people out there who do not know how to reach their potential, are not aware of opportunities open to them or just do not think they can access them. At the same time there are so many things the world needs and so many industries needing disruption, business models that need transforming and innovations that could be realised if only someone devoted their time to it. We think that is a massive opportunity. 

The great thing about the ImpactBase Pre-Seed Incubator is that it provides intensive coaching where a fully developed business is not a requirement for entry. All we really want to see is the potential of an applicant. If you have potential, we can help you grow your business into the next big thing, or we can match you to a concept you can take as your own. 

We firmly believe that people from all backgrounds can succeed in building a business, provided all disadvantages are evened out by providing the right support, mentoring, coaching, learning and investment. ImpactBase provides all of this.

We encourage anyone from a diverse or disadvantaged background who wants to become an entrepreneur, to Apply.

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