We live in a world

with unlimited opportunities, unlimited ideas, but limited resources. Literally the only limitation to changing the world is finding talented and motivated people to do it.  

PATHFINDERS ENTRY: Why we have an option to apply without a concept or business

If you try and ask a venture capital (VC) firm to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you pitch them your idea, they will refuse the meeting. It’s not because they may want to steal your idea, it’s because it is literally not worth their effort to sign a document before they hear a business pitch – they have probably heard it before. That’s how little value an idea has in the startup world.

There are three critical components to a startup. You need a:

1. Great team

2. Great product, and

3. Large market that loves the product.

While developing a great product and finding a large market for it is hard, so is finding the people to make it happen. That’s why we created the PATHFINDER ENTRY for people to apply without business concepts – we can help you work the product and market out, provided you bring your potential. 

We believe this so much that we give Pathfinder Entrants equal opportunity to join the Pre-Seed Program as Founder Entrants. ImpactBase is unique in offering this opportunity.

We want you to apply if you are:

  • Resilient
  • Prepared to work hard
  • Smart
  • Determined
  • Humble, and                
  • Want to 10X your results

Examples of challenges we would love Pathfinder Entrants to work on include (but are not limited to):

  • Tackling climate change and environmental degradation
  • Solving the obesity epidemic
  • Turning the tide on mental health
  • Reversing community and high street decline                
  • Reducing the environmental and health impacts of meat consumption.
  • Tackling social immobility and the gap between rich and poor.

At the beginning of the ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program Pathfinder Entrants are given extra resources and support to find their business. You will then join the Founders Entrants in launching and growing your business – hopefully changing the world at the same time.

It is a challenging and rewarding three months. Successful graduates leave the program with pre-seed investment, a MVP, proven product-market fit and years of real business learning crammed into three months. 

The only thing you have to lose is time, do you have that? 

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